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When first learning to play poker look for a free poker tournament, these can be found at most online poker rooms and provide cash prizes and and are commonly called poker freeroll tournaments, most are 100% free to enter but some require raked hands to be played to gain entry.

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Poker is a game of skill no matter if you play online or offline at a real table, make no mistake when playing for real money there are no friends at the table, and you should seriously consider how you play and your game approach, learning from your mistakes is a big key to becoming a better player and above all a winner.

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Moving all-in pre flop with any hand even AA in online poker is a lottery play, when making this type of move don't expect to win all the time, many new players come to the table and don't last long and complain of bad beats, the most important factor to learn is to be able to fold your cards as quickly as you played them, going all in removes this option hence i say it again lottery play.

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Playing Quality poker hands is a very important factor again in online play and especially in real cash tournaments, another factor to consider is your winning percentage and hands played, as an example online poker software is designed to even out everyone's winning hands over a period of time, so if sitting at a ten seat table you should win one in ten hands, but obviously this can vary, but does provide you with an idea, the point being when you do win make it count.

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The HOME OF POKER.COM was started 2005 and went online in jan 2006 the purpose of the web site is to provide players with as much information as they need to learn and enjoy playing poker and provide players with a variety of safe and secure sites to play at and games to enjoy, as well as poker information and lots of poker resources / information, the home of poker has also provided many players with unique poker bonus offers and reload codes, the web site is updated in different areas daily and also has many on going projects, the Home of poker is fast becoming a top online poker resource site.

It is our goal to become the best online poker resource and provide players with quality information, the home of poker never imposes any type conditions on players to enter any of the freerolls tournaments we hold, it is simply our hope is that you enjoy playing poker as much as we do.

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