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There are lots of online poker sites that have beginners guides, Free play tables and poker strategy information to help you increase your poker skill level and also learn how to play poker, but here are some of the more informative online poker rooms that have professional strategy articles and guides that are very informative.



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How Important is Poker Strategy


know your poker strategy

After learning poker hand rankings, poker odd's (poker percentages) and poker lingo and playing some poker it's time to move on to Texas Holdem poker strategy which is a big leap forward in to learning to play poker and improving your poker knowledge and skill level ,there are various poker strategy's and millions of possible poker hand combinations to frustrate you which can take a life time to learn and then some, every hand you play you are learning all the time and I'm sure you have been thinking to your self how you should have played that last hand, maybe you should have raised more or less or checked or maybe even folded earlier in the hand, besides this what about your opponents ? what kind of poker strategy are they using if any ? have you been watching them closely ?,if you have been able to answer some of these questions then you are already getting better, as you may have guessed by now there are only two types of poker player ,the odds's and percentages player and players that rely on luck (players that call any bet just to try and catch there outs and get lucky ) although these players sometimes do hit there cards poker strategy players will win more hands than these type of players, after all learning poker strategy can go a long way to beating players of any caliber.


Learning poker strategy is vital to improving your game and we are going to look at some of the basic poker strategy's for beginners some of these poker strategy techniques you may have used without even realizing it ,but we are going to show you how to use them to their best effect .

As well as the poker odds information provided here we also have a one on one poker simulator ,a very useful tool for calculating your hand odds while playing one on one poker games (otherwise known as a heads up game) and teaching you your poker odds and percentages of winning with your whole cards, you can find our poker simulator link located at the top of this page and is 100% free to use.

Poker strategy Representing The Flop

Some of you may have heard this term representing the flop or if not used it in a game without realizing what you where actually doing but this is a poker strategy and when used in the correct manner can also be lucrative.

• But do you really know what representing the flop actually means ?.

• Do you know how to represent the flop professionally and win more chips? .

I'm sure most of you believe that betting pre flop is a way of saying the cards have helped you on the flop so if there are two or three more players in the hand and an ace comes on the flop you're effectively telling them by betting you have an ace in your hand and although this is Accurate its also much to simplistic to add benefit to you're game, representing the flop is a very in depth poker strategy and is a crucial part Of becoming a professional Texas holdem poker player and this is what we are going to look at.

Primarily to find out where you stand in the hand and how strong your opponents hands are,the only way to accomplish This is through betting after all check check call call doesn't cut it and you will never become a poker player through that Type of play ever ! .you have to bet in order to say the flop has helped you this accomplishes several goals weak players Fold,minor hands will probably fold strong hands will call or raise the same with very strong hands,so by seeing what every Player does you will now have a firm grasp of where each player stands in the hand,what your chances of winning are this Information you wouldn't have known otherwise.

Representing the flop

Poker Strategy against Players That never Fold

Is there any thing worse than this type of player ,well yes there is actually a player that does not know how to deal with this situation the answer to this is actually fairly simple when an opponent goes all in after the flop consistently and you are holding top pair or two pair and there is a possible flush draw on the board then put them all in after all 80% of the time you will win the hand due to the poker odd's being in your favor ,the flip side of this is a player that never folds the same thing applies put them all in make them think twice or pay to try and get there flush or straight if they then fold great if they don't fold then 80% of the time it will cost them dearly.


There are hands on the flop that should be bet aggressively especially when you have nothing ie 3d 7s qc- 4d 9s jh Why you ask well there is no flush draw no straight draw possible if you come out firing with these cards on the flop chances are everyone will fold thinking you have made 3 of kind or Aq or Aj or two pair you will win pots a lot of the time if called don't be afraid to check to the river or fold though, when the opportunity arises using this poker strategy consecutively it can be very lucrative specially when you do catch trips and a player hits two pair.

Easy to steal flop

So Why Should We Represent The Flop

Primarily to find out where you stand in the hand and how strong your opponents hands are, the only way to accomplish This is through betting, after all check check call call doesn't cut it and you will never become a poker player through that Type of play ever !, you have to bet in order to say the flop has helped you this accomplishes several goals weak players Fold,minor hands will probably fold strong hands will call or raise the same with very strong hands,so by seeing what every Player does you will now have a firm grasp of where each player stands in the hand,what your chances of winning are this Information you wouldn't have known otherwise.

Bad Beat Poker Strategy

Use Bad Beats to Your Advantage

Yes you heard me correctly turn losing hand in to winning hands playing online poker, we all have had bad beats especially playing online poker, lets face it online poker is full of bad beats and bad beat stories, how many times have you played in online poker rooms had the best hand all the way to the turn and been badly burned by the river by a player that had nothing until he flopped one of very few out's he had available on the river basically you have been chased by a player that should have folded earlier in the hand and is inexperienced.

Right when you get a monster hand you need to reduce the amount of callers, one or two players is perfect you don't want to see a flop with four or five players specially when you are holding pocket kk,qq,66, 55 ect chances are you will lose so raise aggressively more so than you would playing a casino tournament or game by doing this you put the odds back in your favor massively. Now lets say you hit your three of a kind on the flop playing on online poker you should not slow play this so bet and bet aggressively after all slow playing is how bad beats happen right when you have the chance to take a pot then take it !! when you have a hand make it work for you and not turn against you ,obviously there are considerations.

Right a little clever poker strategy play in making a bad beat work for you, your top two pair on the flop lets say a player to the left of you raises not to much maybe the pot size and gets called by two other players now what to do the answer is you have to raise enough to get at least 2 players out of the hand and get yourself a heads into a head's up situation this will increases your chances of winning the hand and avoiding a bad beat situation, remember if a player is calling this size bet he must have something the chances are its an open ended straight draw or flush draw look for possible hands he could have from the flop and follow that line to the river when betting.

Representing The Flop Aggressively

Representing the flop frequently ie 3-4-5 times consecutively is a very aggressive style of play and you will get action from This style of play frequently after the flop after all coming out all guns blazing in this manner is going to attract attention Simply because your opponents know you cannot possibly have a hand every time, this can be useful when you hit a Monster hand flush run ect,you certainly wont have to worry about all players folding on you,and you have already stolen Several pots in this manner, this means you are effectively controlling the game when controlling the game you will find it allot Easier to steal the blinds and hands(small pots add up), so representing the flop is a good strategy but what about Representing the flop correctly.

Your Table Poker Image

your poker table image can be a powerful poker strategy as an example lets say you have been playing very tight for some time and you can be sure that other players have picked up on this, so it is possible to raise pre flop to steal blinds with bad cards, when switching to this style of play after playing so tight and after a few raises to steal the blinds you may catch very good cards and players will probably call your raise in the belief you cannot possibly have caught another good hand.

Representing the flop Correctly

A few rules in representing the flop correctly (some are quite complex) but if you can master them you will be well on your way to earning more at the poker table.

1 - Don't bet weak ie don't bet the minimum amount but don't bet and leave yourself short stacked.(hot and cold principle) When you represent the flop you must accept the fact that you may not get these chips back after all if someone has greater Hand and you are representing the flop with no hand you will want to fold as soon as possible (don't bet so that you are pot Commuted)but bet enough to scare off lesser opponents hands.

2 - Whenever possible represent the flop when you have outs, say if you have middle pair at least you can hit 3 of kind on The turn or river its the chance of hitting your hand that matters if you hit your hand 1 in 20 its good chance to bust your Opponent with very little outlay. this is a long term approach and can be the difference between professionals and Wannabe players. This is how you will become mconsistent. (Don't represent the flop consistently unless you are sure you can get your opponents to fold) (Don't risk more chips when someone has you beat)

3 - If raised fold. If raised pre flop chances are they have a monster and if you feel you don't have the best hand muck it unless you feel the player is Loose. either way if don't have the right tools fold,this is the downside to aggressive play.

4 - Change your gears up and down. As we discussed early you will get action from this style of play, but don't become predictable altering your betting can throw Off your opponents,folding while betting will tell your opponents you are betting without a good hand! so try to disguise this Fact perhaps with a long pause before folding at least then they may think you had something and actually had some kind Of hand.

5 - When you improve at representing the flop stop mixing up your bets to trap your opponents (when you represent the Flop and get caught out use this to trap your opponents this can be a tricky part of the play but can also be a very Power full part to and profitable).

Other Poker Strategy Points

• Only take Five percent of your poker stake to the table at any one time (play within your table stake limits).

• Patience is the first key poker strategy you should learn.

• when raising be prepared to fold.

• keep within your comfort zone if you think your going to tilt then its better to walk away and play another day.

• A good way to learn and try out different poker strategy is to play freeroll tournaments the further you get the better the players are and also bear in mind playing for real money is always going to be a new challenge after all how keen are people to call with bad hands or raise with nothing when its real money on the table.

• take enough money to the table so when the opportunity arises you can take advantage of top quality hands.

• study other players very closely .

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