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Manage Your Bankroll For Beginners

Bankroll management for beginners

There are two types of poker players: those who play for fun and those who want to make money. While casually playing can be fun, losing money isn’t.

Many beginners make the mistake of playing beyond their limits, which results in going bust very quickly. This is primarily because of poor bankroll management – risking too much money at any one time.

Only 10 per cent of poker players are profitable, meaning that in order to be successful, you have to manage your money effectively. Here’s our guide to effective bankroll management for different game types on PKR:

No Limit Cash

To play at any stake requires you have at least 2,500 big blinds in your cashier. This equates to 25 full 100bb (big blind) buy-ins. You should not move up stakes unless you feel confident that you can beat your current level and be profitable.  Once you feel that you can beat this game, you can only move up to the next level if you have 2,000bb for that level.

If you ever drop below 1,500bb you must move down a level to avoid going broke.

Limit games

To play at any level in limit poker, you must have enough money in your bankroll to make 300 Big Bets. A Big Bet in limit poker equals two big blinds.

In order to move up the stakes you must have at least 200 Big Bets in your bankroll.

If you lose 50 Big Bets after moving up, you have to move back down a level.

Sit ‘n’ Go

Bankroll management for Sit ‘n’ Go games work on the same principle as no limit games. To play at any level you will need 45 buy-ins.

In order to move up a level, you will need to have a minimum of 75 buy-ins.

If you lose 10 buy-ins then you should immediately move down to stay within your means. You should always move down a level if you have 45 buy ins or less in your bankroll.

Multi-table tournaments

The chance of cashing in multi- table tournaments is significantly less in Sit ‘n’ Go games, meaning you have to have more buy-ins to be able to play at any given level. As standard you should have enough money in your cashier to play 100 games.

In order to move up a level you must have the equivalent of 75 buy-ins for that level. You should move down a level if you have less than 100 big blinds for any given level.

If you follow these rules, the chance of going completely broke is 2 per cent if you are a break-even player. Winning at poker takes a lot of time and effort and results won’t happen overnight. Always avoid playing if you’re upset or angry and always avoid playing beyond your means – this is the key to being profitable.


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