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Bingo The Beautiful Game

Bingo, The Beautiful Game

Some say that football is the beautiful game. There is nothing wrong with football (though that really depends on your point of view) but it is not always that beautiful. Sometimes it can be quite ugly.

If you are really looking for a beautiful game then it will be bingo you are looking for and a beautiful place to play the game is at meccabingo.com. So what is it that makes bingo so beautiful?

Online Bingo is the ultimate equaliser. The outcome of a bingo game is determined entirely by chance. It is impossible to be good at online bingo just as it is impossible to be bad. If it were possible to do a GCSE or a NVQ in it, everybody would get identical marks.

Unlike games such as poker there is no bluffing at bingo, which makes it more honest. There is little point in claiming that you just need one more number to get a full house when in reality you need two. That is of course if you are not indulging in bingo side bets, but that is an entirely different story.

Just as you can't bluff at bingo, neither can you cheat. You might decide to mark a number that hasn't been called but it won't help you; you will soon be found out even if the computer would allow you to do so in the first place, which of course it never would.

Unlike football, bingo is not 'a game of two halves'. Unfortunately, we have failed to trace the name of the footballer commentator who first said that. However bingo is a game of 90 balls, or 75, or 80, whatever you prefer.

Above all online bingo is fun. You can play it whenever you feel the urge, it doesn't cost much money to play, you can win some great prizes, and there is a thriving online bingo community; of course bingo is a beautiful game.





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