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Some Tips to Win at Blackjack

Blackjack Winning Tips

Among the gamblers the most famous game is the Blackjack. Because they think that they can win the game by counting cards. Today no other game is more popular than blackjack.

The game was first played in 1960s. At that time casinos offered bonus points for the advertisement of this game. The offer was that the player could receive a payout of about 10-to-1. The winning hand must contain an Ace with Jack of spades or Clubs. Or any ‘black’ Jack can do the tricks. The name Blackjack came from that incident.

The main aim to play Blackjack is to reach the point of twenty one. Going over twenty one may burst the player. The value of the face card is ten. And the other cards maintain their face values. Ace card can have either the value of eleven or one depending on the hand. There are two kinds of blackjack in the casino. One of them includes the player and the dealer. Another is multi-deck games.

The player has the right to claim hit or stand at each turn. The dealer will draw cards until any player reaches twenty one points. The dealer has to draw if he has cards of 17 and he has an Ace. If he has 16 or less he must choose the option of ‘stand’. If the dealer looses than all the players win. At best seven players can play at the same time.

The player can have the ‘Splitting’ if he has a pair of cards in the first round. A player who has called for the ‘Splitting’ can play in the second round if he wants. In some casinos four splits are allowed. In all the game the blackjack player can ask for the cards. If the player wants to take risk then he can call for the option ‘Hit’.

If any player scores two card hands 21 then he is declared as a winner. The player wins more than 50% of his original bet. If the dealer has the same cards than it is a tie and the player gets his deposit back. Other combination of cards like less than or equal to 21 can also win, if the dealer looses. In the multi-deck game hand is made with seven cards.

If the player can calculate the probable outcome of the cards then there is a chance for him to win. He can guess the cards by his hand and the revealed of the dealer’s card. It is a very convenient trick. The method is if the face up card pulled by the dealer is 7 or higher than the player must think that the sum will be 10. He must hit if he has 16 or less than that. If the dealer has the face up card which has a value of 6 and the player has a value of 6 than it would be wise for him to stand. If the player has 16 and dealer reveals 2or 7 and above the player should hit. The player must take double if the dealer has got 3, 4, 5, and 6. If the player has 10 and dealer reveals 2or 9 and above the player must double down. If the dealer gets 10 or Ace the player is bound to hit. If the player has 17 or 21 he is a winner. If the player has 13 through 16 he should take the option ‘stand’. In that case the dealer must have 2-6. If the card is above 7 then the player should hit. If the player has 11 in total and the dealer has 2-10 the player must take the double down option. If the player has 12 and the dealer has got 2,3,7 the player must take the option of ‘Hit’

These are some basic rules to play blackjack.

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