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Blackjack casino game

Blackjack a casino game

Blackjack is the most popular game in the casino as it is both simple and exciting. Blackjack is also known as pontoon. It is popular both in online casino and land based casino. There are many versions of blackjack. But the basic rule of playing is the same everywhere. And that is not to exceed the point 21.

The opponent of the player is the dealer. Others players are simple viewers. As the law of playing blackjack is different in the casinos so the player should have a good instruction before starting his play.

The basic rule of playing is simple. Blackjack can be played with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 cards. The player should go as close to the number twenty one as possible. He should beat the dealer’s hand. The betting is decided before the game. The card which is being dealt has a value and it is also added to reach 21.

In blackjack the face cards contain the value of ten. Other cards like 2-10 contain face values. The value of ace is either 1 or 11. The hand which do not have Ace or the value of Ace is one is called hard hand. On the contrary it is called soft hand.

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To start the Blackjack the players first search for the suitable table which have the maximum and minimum wages and deck sizes. Bets are held in a area which is very special.

As the bet is done the player deals with two cards and the dealer takes two cards. One of the cards of the player is shown and the other one is kept hidden. If the player suspects that the dealer is dealing with blackjack than he can call for insurance. The player wins if the dealer deals with blackjack. And the winning ratio will be 2:1. On the contrary the player loses and his insurance is disappeared.

After seeing the two cards the layer decide how he will play. The skill of the player is proved in this point. Either he can draw more cards to reach the number 21 or wait with his own cards.

Players can have some options. They can choose the option to Hit. This is very risky but players take it by calculation and strategy. There is another option of ‘Stand’. This is a safe move by the player where he does not take any risk. Players have another option of Split Pairs. They can split their hands if they have a pair in the first round. There is another option called ‘Double Down’ option to double the betting. The player can take the ‘Surrender’ option if he has bad cards. There is another option called ‘Even Money’. The player is paid in the ratio of 1:1 in this system.

A player can win automatically if he deals with the blackjack in the first round. The player can also win by the chance of the dealers burst. If the dealer has higher count than the player, he is automatically wins.

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