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Blackjack Tournament

Tournament Blackjack

Those who played Blackjack tournament know very well that the tournaments are really fun. In recent years, Blackjack tournaments have been offered, even in online also, at more and more gambling establishments. Though it is rare, but some Blackjack tournaments have even been on TV also. The tournaments add a new dimension to the game-player verses player.

Before entering a multi player blackjack tournament, it is mandatory to master the system which will use for managing the money. In other words, it is needed to bet with a winning blackjack strategy. Hereby it is to be remembered that when playing in a tournament, players are not just betting against the house rather they are also betting against the other players in the tournament. The winner of the tournament will be the player with the most chips at the end of the final hand.

The thoughts of “win at all costs” is not all time useful to be all and end all of winning a blackjack tournament

As play progresses the players should always conscious about the cards of other players what they have in front of them. Count chips as well so it can be known how one compares and what one needs to do to get out in front of the pack. It is another factor to keep in mind that most tournaments have a limited number of rounds. For example, in a six round tournament there are six players at the table, and only the players with the most chips go on to the next round. Though it is must to have the most chips at the end, but it isn't necessary to be in the lead the whole way. To accomplish the goal, it is not bad to play with some aggression, but no one should overdo it. Just play consistently and fearlessly. Drawing too much attention to own by doing things like betting half the chips on one round and only the minimum amount on the next round should be avoided.

The best way of finding out how much to bet is to be aware of the cards that remain in the deck so that it can be easily estimated the odds of winning each round. When the odds are in the favor of the player, s/he should bet a little more. But when it is against him/her, should bet less. If the odds are average, there have to be a “medium bet” which is called “default” bet. Default bet should be the amount that one bets in the first round as well. Then without being too obvious or predictable raise and lower the bet appropriately. But it should be remembered that the other players will be watching you just like you are watching them.

In most blackjack tournaments, the deal and the bet will rotate. May be the player who will bet first in one round, s/he may bets last in the others rounds. The same goes for the deal. A player has the betting advantage when s/he is the last player to bet. S/he may also play in a tournament with hidden bets. But always the hidden bet should be used when it will benefit most. That is likely to be toward the end of the tournament, not in the beginning.

No matter whether the player wins or loses the tournament, it should be used as a learning experience. Being eliminated early it is better not to leave the place rather stay and watch the action so one can know what to do to improve next time.

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