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How can I get a sponsorship from an online poker provider?

How do online slot machines work?

You don't need to be a gambling genius or some kind of mathematical wunderkind to be able to figure out how to work slot machines. Whereas the old slot machines used to depend on a spring mechanism to determine where the reels would stop, new electronic slot games like Cats Slots determine the outcome electronically.

Just about anyone can play – and be lucky – with slot machines, so it’s never too late to learn. This article has been written to act as a guide for all of you first-timers. With the best of luck, you’ll master the machines in no time.

Every time is random

What makes a slot machine tick is its Random Number Generator. This works by spitting out random numbers, up to five hundred per second. It is not influenced by anything outside the machine and is always random.

Both the old mechanical slot machines and the new electronic ones work with the same principle in mind. Values are obtained from the number generator and then are processed to determine what the reels will display.

This means that every single game you play gives you an equal chance of losing as well as winning.

New tech, same game

Slot machines in casinos are now controlled by computers too. The game is still the same, however. All you have to do is pull a lever to rotate three reels that have pictures on them.

Depending on which pictures line up with the ‘pay line’, which is the line that will appear in the middle of the window of the slot machine. If the designated ‘winning’ pictures line up along the pay line, you win!

The payout depends on which pictures in particular line up on the pay line.

Payback Percentage

Most slot machines are designed to achieve what is known as Payback Percentage. This means that, depending on the machine, there is a certain set percentage of the money that is put in that will be eventually paid back to the player.

If a machine’s payback percentage is 75 per cent, for instance, the casino that owns the machine will take the remaining 25 per cent of the money given, but will pay the remainder out to the player.

This is to ensure that over time, given that the slot machines have a payback percentage that is under one hundred per cent, the casino will eventually make its money back.







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