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The Best Way to Win Money

The Best Way to Win Money

Winning money in online casinos is, evidently, extremely possible (recent research suggests that over 90% of all regular players, have at some point won in an online casino). However, winning regularly is much trickier.

Take, for example, a game like Rainbow Riches (pictured) offered by Sky Vegas, some people would avoid this kind of game (people who fancy themselves as serious gamblers) on the premise that there's no skill involved. Slot machines are all about luck, right? And you can't influence whether you win or not.

Which is, of course, completely true but does that mean you shouldn't play the game? Absolutely not and here's why.

Sky Vegas and many other online casinos offer deposit bonuses, as far as Sky Vegas goes this could run up to as much as 150. This, of course, isn't money that you can withdraw, its game credit to the value of 150, but it's essentially 150 worth of free spins of the wheel.

Which is a lot of wheel spinning, so much so in fact that most people would be expected to win several times before this game credit runs out. You can keep the money that you win, it's yours, you won it, and therefore you're getting yours hands on money either a big or small sum without having to risk any of your own to pay for it.

These deposit bonuses are everywhere on the internet at the moment (you can find many of them on sites like this) and represent a great opportunity to try money games without having to risk any of your own cash. They can also help you build up a pot of winnings that you can use on other games, like poker, that may involve more skill.

The trick to winning money regularly then, is not to play a certain set of games only, it's to make the most of all the offers that a site has, whether that's deposit bonuses, free money games, or a good deal on rake in a poker site. With casino games or anything for that matter it doesn't make any difference if you have no experience, if you have the chance to win without risking anything the odds might just fall in your favour once and you'll be taking home a small (or sometimes big) sum of money.





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