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Tom Dawn Poker

While playing in some the bigger poker tournaments around the globe tom dwan has cashed several times, in 2009 he has earned over one million in place prize money, Dwan is player other poker players love to watch, his ability to throw off his opponents makes for a great amount of entertaining poker hands to all that love to play and watch poker.




Tom Dwan pictured with poker pro barry greenstein on High Stakes Poker Show

Tom Dwan Poker Beginnings

Tome Dwan the Early Years

Tom Dwan began his playing career like a lot of young players do in this day and age playing online poker as apposed to sitting down at a live poker game table, his first choice of poker game to play was sit n go tournaments and started playing at the $6 S n g tables at paradise poker with just $50 that his dad had given him, tom soon found he could consistently beat the players at these tables so progressed to low stakes cash games, It was while consistently winning that he built his poker bankroll at these lower levels and progressed onward towards higher stakes, he began playing heads up games for $10/$20 even playing some of the poker pro's in these games, Tom lost quite a few to begin with but then steadily learnt the art of poker and how to compete at the higher levels he plays at today.

Poker Professional Tom Dwan

Tom Dwan also known as "Durrrr" both online and on the poker circuit among fellow poker pro's, his strong play has earned and lost him millions of dollars, Tom Dwan is a player not afraid to push his opponents of a hand with an extravagant bet and often does, he is a much respected up and coming young professional, he has quickly earned a reputation as a feared big time poker player.

Dwan has also been involved in two of the biggest cash poker hands, one of which involved a hand with a pot of 1.1 million which he won in the Full Tilt Poker's Million Dollar Cash Game, the second highest poker cash game hand was played in the well known tv series called high stakes poker in which he again won a single pot worth over $900,000.

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Barry Greenstein is part of the poker stars squad of players Tom Dwan At Full Tilt Poker

In 2009 at the end of the WSOP tom dwan joined the fulltilt poker elite team of poker pro's, no doubt down to his high stakes poker play and quick rise to poker professional stardom.

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