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Vital Texas Holdem Tips

Vital Texas Holdem Tips

When you first install your online poker room software one of the things you do is choose what folder it will save your hand history to. That particular folder should have a shortcut sitting on your desktop so that you can refer to it at any time. Why? Because hand histories are your friend! Hand history allows you to take a long hard look at yourself and your poker game in the mirror. We all need to do that on a regular basis. Letís take a look at how hand histories make you a better poker player.

History will repeat itself

BetSpace Poker ďThose who ignore history are doomed to repeat it!Ē When George Santayana wrote those words in his famous Life of Reason writings he must have been referring to poker players around the world. He must have been referring to online poker players in particular. The fact of the matter is that without hand histories we have no idea of what our actions are at the poker table either pro or con. If you never take the time to review your hand history you will find it very difficult to fine tune your game. It is truly amazing how going over an entire tournament or cash game will reveal plays that you could have made or should have made and instantly shine a light on pots you could have won. Conversely, it will also show where you opponents outplayed you with bluffs or where you misplayed your hand by over betting or under betting the pot.

Hand Analysis

The best thing that hand histories give us is the ability to analyze thousands of hands in cash games, tournaments or both in literally seconds. I can see what position I play from the most. I can see how I play Aces, Kings or any other premium hand and when I am most profitable. If I want to get even more granular I can see how often I fold my blinds to a bet or if there are particular kinds of bets that I fold my blinds to. Being an online poker player we tend to see the same players in the same games regularly. I can also see who the tougher opponents are in my games and where they are exploiting their edge against me. Armed with this information I can then begin to recalibrate my thinking and then change the way I play back at them accordingly.

Knowledge is Power

In poker knowledge is power. The more information you can gather the better off your game will be. Most of the time we are talking about acquiring knowledge it is in reference to your opponents. However, hand histories allow us to gain knowledge about ourselves too. Being able to combine our opponentís tendencies and analyze our own weaknesses gives a poker player a much clearer picture of what is actually taking place. Many times a poker player will blame the deck or their opponents for his own poor play. Hand histories put your play in black, white and red for you to see your game as it truly is instead of the way your perceive yourself to be playing Texas Holdem poker. That is powerful! Trending is another way of looking at your poker game. Who is doing what and how often are they doing it. You can literally pull up each of your opponentís hands and see exactly how they are playing at the table. You can do the same with your own hand and detect holes in your game easily by looking at your trends. Maybe you fold too often in the blinds. Perhaps you donít re-raise often enough with flush draws on the board when your opponent is weak. All of these things can easily be seen within your hand history and a good history program.

So donít delete those hand histories as you continue to play online poker. They will help you to help yourself improve your game when used with a good hand history application. It is worth your time and effort and will definitely help to make you a better player.


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