Play Casino Holdem

Play Casino Holdem PokerCasino holdem is a casino table game produced by platech for bet365 casino & can be played free here without any casino deposit being made, the game is a heads up holdem game player verses computer or the house when played for real money. as opposed to a standard game of holdem the better hand you make the higher your return, as an example if a player stakes $100 on a single hand and makes a flush he or she would receive 30/1 odds if winning the hand or if he or she made four of a kind odds of 40/1 would be returned, the full hand odds are displayed on the holdem table during play, a Maximum bet of $100 per hand is the limit how ever to continue to play any hand the player is required to double the stake after the flop or fold, for any hand to count a pair must be reached if both computer and player have a high card hand the stake is returned.

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