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World Series of Poker History

Learn To Play Texas Holdem WSOP HISTORY


world series of poker historyThe world series of poker is the highlight of the poker season and players from around the globe gather at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino las vegas nevada to compete for the chance to be crowned world series of poker champion, The first wsop of poker tournament was held back in 1970 at binion's and was won by poker legend johnny moss, this awesome poker event is open to all comers at a cost of $10,000 dollars a seat and with over 6,000 players participating and rising every year this generates over $60,000000 dollars in prize money spread over the top 600 finishers in the world series of poker, the world series of poker has become one of the most popular events of the year in the world with everyone and anyone bidding for the title to make wsop history, in 2004 binion's was sold of to harrah's the worlds biggest gaming company who acquired the rights to the world series of poker, celebrity's, poker professionals, politicians, doctors,layers and people from all walks of life enter the world series of poker, you just never know who you will be facing on the poker table or who you will end up sitting next to a truly amazing atmosphere and experience for any poker player.


Binion's Casino First held the world series of pokerThe world series of poker since starting back in 1970 has produced some truly amazing wsop history and very few players have ever one the tournament more than once and even fewer more than twice and for a list of winners and final table finishers as well as final table poker hand information see below, the world series of poker consist's of 45 events spanning well over 100 million dollars in prize money and a prestige gold bracelet is awarded to every tournament winner, over the years these bracelets have become coveted by professionals, The first world series of poker had less than 40 players around just a few poker tables and was won by Johnny moss after players voted to make him champion, a crowning moment in wsop history, johnny moss also followed up on his victory the following year, recent years have seen a massive growth in players entering the world series of poker main event (online poker w.s.o.p qualifiers to the event and new online poker rooms being established boosting poker's popularity and coverage world wide has increased the main event participants figures every year).

There have been some great poker sporting moments during world series of poker history and some of them you can read about in our poker pro's gallery, probably the best poker player ever is Doyle Brunson along side johhny moss and stuart ungar ,Doyle now who now has an online poker room with a unique bounty tournament that first time deposit players can enter free and play the the legend himself Doyle as well as other great players like Mike Carrow and Doyle's Son tod Brunson, the bounty has lots of great prizes as well as celebrity guest from time to time and has quickly become one of the more popular online poker rooms especially down to Doyle's amazing world series of poker history and popularity ,revered by professional poker players the world over, amateurs and beginners Doyle Brunson author of Doyle's super system (best selling poker book) truly is a poker legend and a true ambassador to the sport.

The World Series Of Poker From 2000-2010

2011 = Pius Heinz won 8,715,638 Beating Martin Staszko.

2010 = Jonathan Duhamel won 8,944,310 Beating John Racener.

2009 = Joe Cada won $8,546,435 Joe Cada also placed in three other wsop events.

2008 = Peter Eastgate won $9,152,416 1st prize beating ivan Demidov to become the youngest ever wsop main event winner.

2007= Jerry Yang won over $8.25 million top prize beating Second-place finisher Tuan Lam of Canada who won $4.84 million dollars Jerry Yang caught an inside straight on the final card of the final hand at the final table to be crowned the 2007 w.s.o.p champion.

2006=Jamie Gold won $12,000,000 236. beating Paul Wsicka Jamie Gold raises to $1,700,000 and Paul Wasicka makes the call. The flop comes Qc8h5h. Paul Wasicka bets $1,500,000 and Jamie Gold moves all in. Wasicka calls and shows 10h.

2005= Joseph Hachem won &7,500,000 beating steve dannenmann. Joseph flopped a straight and slow played

2004= Greg Raymer won $5,000,000 beating David Williams. greg qualified vi er an online tournament he won the tournament holding pocket 8s his opponent holding a4.

2003= Chris Money maker won $2,000,000 beating Sammy Farha. chris qualified through a $40 satellite tournament chris won the title holding a full house 4s full 5s on the river. Ferlong won the title on a full house 5s full IQs.

2002= Robert Varkonyi won $2,000,000 beating julian gardener. robert one the title holing a full house 10s full qs his opponent holding a queen high flush.

2001= Carlos Mortenson won $1,500,000 beating dewy tomko. Montenson won the word series hitting a straight on the river.

The World Series Of Poker From 1991-2000

2000= Chris Ferguson won $1,500,000 beating t j cloutiers.The river card gave chris (a9) the title a 9 coming on the river giving him a pair 9s .beating his opponent aq.

1999= Noel Ferlong won $1,000,000 beating alan goering. the hand beating steve who had got his pair of aces on the turn.

1998= Scotty Nguyen won $1,000,000 beating kevin mcbride. After his $310,000 bet on the river famous trash talker Nguyen said this to his opponent Kevin McBride: "You call this one and it's all over baby". At this point there was a full house on the board (8c-9d-9h-8h-8s). McBride decided to play the board, and Nguyen, who had check-called on the flop and turn, revealed the 9c that gave him the higher full house, and the title.

1997= Stu Ungar won $1,000,000 beating john strzzemp. The most clinical game of poker said to have been played bye any player won ungar the world title .However in the final hand ungar had some luck and was saved bye a 2 on the river giving him an ace high straight.

1996= Huck Seed won $1,000,000 beating van horn. Seed won the title holding two pair 9s and 8s.

1995= Dan Harrington won $1,000,000 beating howard goldfarb. Ation dan harrington won this title with two 8s his opponent moving all in while dan checked his 8s.

1994= Russ Hamilton won $1,000,000 beating hugh vincent. Both players held a pair of 8s in the final hand but russ had a king kicker to take the title.

1993= Jim Betchtel won $1,000,000 beating glen cozen. both players move all in and jim won the title with jack high.

1992= Hamid Datsmalchi won $1,000,000 beating tom jacobs. Tom Jacobs flopped top pair in the final hand and decided to slow play it. However, his tactic backfired, and Datsmalchi made an 8 high straight on the turn.

1991= Brad Daugherty won $1,000,000 beating russel holt. Daugherty won the title thanks to a miss timed bluff by his opponent Russel Holt. Holt went all-in after the flop with absolutely nothing, and Daughery called with top pair (J's).

The World Series Of Poker From 1981-1990

1990= Mansour Matloubi won $895,000 beating hand lund.Mansour became the the first european player to win the title .His victory came against han lund with pocket 6s against pocket 4s.

1989= Phil Hellmuth jr won $775,000 beating johnny chan. phill hellmuth moved all-in with pocket 9's, and Chan called with A-7s. Chan didn't get the help he needed, and Hellmuth won the title.

1988= Johnny Chan won $700,000 beating Erick seidel.This is one of the most classic final WSOP hands. Chan flopped a Queen high straight and tricked Seidel, who had top pair, into moving all-in on the turn. Chan won the title for a second year in a row.

1987= Johnny Chan won $625,000 beating frank hendeson. Frank Henderson moved all-in with pocket 4's, Chan called with A-9. The Chinese born poker shark found a 9 on the river giving him the title.

1986= Berry Johnston won $570,000. The gentleman of poker .

1985= Bill Smith won $700,000 beating t j coutier.

1984=Jack Keller won $660,000 One of the most aggressive risk taking players in the game of poker ever and it earned him the title in 1994.

1983= Tom Mcevoy won $580,000 Tom Macevoy had written many books about how to win the world series of poker up to this point when he won.

1982= Jack Staus won $520,000 This has to be one of the most amazing victories in the history of wsop .when strause moved all in against his opponent who had more chips and lost!!. Amazingly enough however as he got up and was leaving the table he noticed he had not put 1 of his $500 dollar chips on the table and since he hadn't said "all inn" he was allowed to continue playing and incredibly enough went on to win the tournament.

1981= Stu Ungar won $375,000 beating perry green. His opponent Perry Green flopped an open-ended straight draw, but didn't get the help he needed. Instead Ungar made a pair of Q's (he was already in the lead with A-Qh) on the river.

The World Series Of Poker From 1970-1980

1980= Stu Ungar (the kid)won $375,000 beating Doyle Brunson.Brunson flopped two pair (A's and 7's), but Ungar (with 5-4s) made a 5 high straight on the turn.

1979= Hal Fowler won $230,000 beating bobby hoff's. In the final hand Jesse Alto looked sure to double up when he flopped two pair (A's and J's) against Brunson's pair of 10's. However, Jesse got a 2 on the turn to make two pair. On the river another 10 came and Brunson took the title.

1978= Bobby Baldwin won $210,000.

1977= Doyle Brunson won $340,000. Amazingly, Brunson won the WSOP a second year in a row with 10-2 as pocket cards in the final hand. And once again, he made a full house on the turn and river.

1976= Doyle Brunson won $220,000 beating jesse alto.

1975= Brian (sailor) Roberts won $210,000 beating bok hook's. Roberts took the title with pocket 9s. bobby was holding AA and fowler 7-6 of suit both players all in and fowler caught a straight on the turn giving him the title.

1974= Johnny Moss won $160,000 An amazing 3rd time in five years for johnny moss.

1973= Puggy Pearson won $130,000 This was the first year that the WSOP was videotaped. pearson won the final hand with ace high.

1972= Amirrillo (slim) Preston won $80,000. Another poker legend

1971= Johnny Moss won $30,000 In this year the freezout tournament was introduced once again johnny showed his colors bye winning the tournament for the second consecutive year.

1970=Johnny Moss

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